What Our Members Say About Us!

  • Liz M.
    Elan Fitness has become a second home for my kids & I for the past several yrs. It’s a godsend for any moms out the looking to get back into shape after babies, and have that precious “me time” that we all need, all the while knowing that our children are being lovingly looked after in Kids Korner. Alma, the director of the daycare, is truly amazing & has such a gift with babies & children of all ages. Both my boys have been going there since they were only a few months old, and still love it so much at 4 & 5 yrs. old– they actually beg me to go to the gym on the rare days we skip it! There are many amazing classes, everything from yoga & Zumba to strengthening & dance, with my personal favorite being the popular barre method type classes. Liz M. Elan member 6 yrs.
  • Marcine Johnson PhD
    I have been a member of Elan for 16 yrs. It is a fitness center accommodating all ages. The staff has always proved to be competent & helpful. Elan Fitness center offers a full array of equipment, machine & classes. In my opinion it has always provided a friendly, supportive place in which to work-out for people at any level of fitness or athleticism. Marcine Johnson PhD
  • Twenty years ago, life's challenges had drained my energy and left me exhausted. Then I joined Elan Fitness Center and began taking classes with Linda, Wendy, and LaRaye. My health and energy came back, and life opened up! Elan is the place to go to reduce stress, get to a healthy weight, make friends, and fill up with positive energy. The Rev. Bev Brewster, Pastor Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church
    The Rev. Bev Brewster
  • Rachel Fairbanks
    I would be lost without Elan. The work that I do at Elan is the reason I am proud of my figure at age 61. The uplift in mood that I experience after every workout probably has saved my marriage! I look forward to seeing my friends when I come in and we are actually “women supporting women”. I would heartily recommend Elan and the benefits it has added to my life. Rachel Fairbanks Elan Member 17 yrs.